I started this blog to discuss information I've picked up in my new role, which might be useful for someone starting out in an industrial equipment supply role.

Multiple Advantages Of Choosing To Work With A Boom Lift For Your Industrial Needs

9 March 2020
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Aerial lifts are commonplace in a myriad of industrial and manufacturing businesses. From warehouses to consecution sets, any work that requires employees to carry out their tasks at an elevated height will necessaire the use of a platform and lifting equipment. Since these types of equipment are a must-have, you should note that they are available in different options deadening on varying needs. Therefore, selecting your first aerial lifting equipment can prove to be a daunting task, more so if you are new to this machinery.
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Problems You May Encounter With Your Commercial Air Conditioning Pump

15 June 2017
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Your commercial air conditioning's pump functions to facilitate the movement of fluids through chillers, boilers and water towers to ensure efficient heating and cooling of your premises. If the constant flow of these fluids is interrupted due to problems with your pump, you will begin to experience disparate temperatures in the building or even entire malfunctioning of your HVAC system. Thus, it is important to know what issues your pump is susceptible to and have them remedied as soon as the symptoms start to manifest to prevent having to replace your commercial air conditioning.
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Why You Should Consider Engineering Plastics Over Metal for Your Industrial Applications

28 November 2016
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Efficiency and better thermal and mechanical properties are among the top considerations when choosing materials for industrial and manufacturing applications. Metals have long been among the most preferred materials for industrial applications. However, here are reasons why the highly modified engineering plastics offer an edge over metals. Engineering Plastics Have a Higher Chemical Resistance Engineering plastics can withstand the exposure to harsh chemicals without the need for special handling such as surface treatments.
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Ways to Tackle Carbon Emissions in the Cement Industry

16 August 2016
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Across the world, the cement sector is one of the largest emitters of greenhouse gases, releasing around 2 Gt of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every year, which works out at about 5 percent of the global total. Cutting emissions in the cement industry is vital to meeting Australia's target of reducing carbon emissions by 30 percent from their 2005 level by 2030. So how can cement processors achieve this goal?
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Reasons Why You May Be Experiencing Pool Pump Problems

13 July 2016
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If you have a swimming pool, ensuring that your pool pump is working at optimum is crucial. These pumps do not only function to keeping contaminants out of your pool water. They also work to keeping your pool water balanced so as to prevent any skin irritations developing on the people who use the pool. It should be noted that there are seasons when you will use your pool more frequently due to favourable weather.
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