3 Reasons to Use Tubular Steel Scaffolding

I started this blog to discuss information I've picked up in my new role, which might be useful for someone starting out in an industrial equipment supply role.

3 Reasons to Use Tubular Steel Scaffolding

3 Reasons to Use Tubular Steel Scaffolding

12 February 2021
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If you need to buy scaffolding, then you have a few different options to choose from. While it sometimes pays to buy a ready-made or modular product, there are benefits to using a tubular steel alternative.

Here, the scaffolding comprises individual steel tubes and coupler connectors that you fit together to build the scaffold. What are the advantages of buying this kind of scaffolding?

1. Get More Flexibility

While ready-made or modular scaffolding might look like a good option, these products have some downsides. For example, they might be the right size and design to work on some jobs, but not on others. You might find it hard to change the configuration of the scaffolding to make it work for you.

Tubular steel scaffolding is a lot more flexible. You build it on-site, so you can get a perfect height and width on any job. All you need is the right number of tubes, couplers and any accessories you want to add. You get a custom build every time.

2. Get More Strength and Stability

Scaffolding needs to be strong and stable. It should be strong enough to hold the weight of the people who work on it. It should also stay stable as they work. Their movements and the odd wind gust shouldn't make the scaffolding feel dangerously wobbly.

Steel scaffolding provides both strength and stability. Even if you have to build a large and high scaffold, the strong steel tubes will have better weight-bearing capabilities. You don't have to worry about the scaffolding collapsing or breaking, as long as you design its build correctly.

Plus, steel works well if the weather suddenly turns nasty. Your crew will feel safe on the structure even if it gets windy. As an added safety bonus, the scaffolding also has natural fire resistance.

3. Get Easier Transport and Storage Options

It's not always easy to get scaffolding on to and off the sites you work on. For example, some modular or ready-made products are large. Their bulk doesn't make them easy to transport. You might need to make a few trips to move all the pieces you need.

Plus, these scaffolds can't always be broken down. So, they take up more room when you aren't using them and have to store them away.

Tubular steel scaffolding is easy to transport. You're loading smaller component parts here, so you'll be able to get more on a truck or van. Plus, these parts are easier to store without taking up too much room.

To find out more, contact scaffolding suppliers.

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