Are Your Elevators Operating Efficiently?

I started this blog to discuss information I've picked up in my new role, which might be useful for someone starting out in an industrial equipment supply role.

Are Your Elevators Operating Efficiently?

Are Your Elevators Operating Efficiently?

12 August 2015
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Maintaining the facilities of a multi-storey complex is a demanding responsibility for a manager. One aspect that needs particular attention, and should be placed high on your list of priorities, is the performance of the elevators.

Finding time for all the necessary inspections and tests is always a difficult balancing act. Here are some tips to help you quickly evaluate the functioning of your elevators.

Performing a Quick Review the Elevator System

Regularly take a ride in the elevators to check their functioning and compare their operation with the specifications of the manufacturer.

While riding, take note of comments made by passengers and people waiting for elevator service.

You need to ensure that maintenance is being performed adequately and also spot any components that may need modernisation.

Essentials to Evaluate

These are the features to concentrate on as you ride the elevators and questions ask yourself.

Efficient Operation

Does the service seem adequate to serve the daily traffic and passenger loads?

How do the elevators perform against the specifications for when they were new?

Safety Aspects

Are the essential safety features working effectively? A simulated shutdown should reveal that the emergency lighting system, telephone, intercom and alarm bells are operating correctly.

Elevator Fixtures

Check for floor indicator and call lights as well as the overhead lights and ventilation system.

Are the doors operating smoothly and silently?

The Ride

Are there any vibrations?  Is there any sense of unbalance in the cabin or noticeable scraping or squeaking sounds?

Does the car come to rest perfectly level to the floor at each stop.

Passenger Satisfaction

Have you noticed complaints about the service?  Has there been any criticism about faulty equipment, long wait times or overcrowding?

Professional Input

Take advantage of your elevator maintenance company, someone like Forte Lift Services, as a valuable resource for guidance.  Your job is to identify and prevent problems while the technical expertise lies in the hands of the professional maintenance companies.

 Such a complex system relies on proper maintenance to ensure the equipment performs as it was originally designed.

These professionals will be able to advise you, should you find any equipment not performing at its designed capability. They have the specialised equipment and tools.

They can also ascertain the precise specifications of equipment to service your particular needs. Expert advice about those components which need modernisation and which ones can be retained is a money saving bonus.

The elevators in your facility represent a huge financial investment and maintaining that asset in peak condition should be a major priority.

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